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Downtown Owosso Chocolate Walk 2023

Join us for the Downtown Owosso Chocolate Walk 2023! This highly anticipated and loved community event comes back to Downtown Owosso on Friday, February 24, 2023 from 5-8 pm.

This year's event is bigger than ever, with currently 39 downtown businesses and community partners participating! This is almost double previous years!

Downtown Owosso Chocolate Walk 2023

What is the Chocolate Walk ?

The Downtown Owosso Chocolate walk is an Owosso Main Street fundraiser that supports downtown local businesses and activities. Tickets are $20.00 and can be bought on Eventbrite

The Downtown Owosso Chocolate Walk could not happen without all of our tremendous community support. Nearly 40 businesses and community partners in Downtown Owosso have committed to being a stop on the Chocolate Walk, offering a special piece of chocolate to each event participator. Together, they help us create an event in the heart of Owosso, placing on full display what it means to be a welcoming community that comes together to love and support one another.

This year, there are two different starting point locations where participants can start the walk. Participants choose this location when purchasing their tickets.

Starting Location Map A: The Sideline Owosso located at 219 S. Washington St.

Starting Location Map B: Salem Lutheran Evangelical Church located at 330 N. Washington St.

At the beginning of the event on Friday, February 24, 2023, ticket holders go to their starting location to begin the Chocolate Walk. There, they pick up their event bag (to carry all the chocolate) and a map that lists all of the participating chocolate stops and start off on their journey to collect all of their pieces of chocolate.

2023 Participating Businesses & Community Partners

🍫 Apple Tree Lane (207 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Artform Salon (202 W. Exchange St.)

🍫 Aviator Jayne (109 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Azee Printing Solutions (114 W. Main St.)

🍫 Back 2 the Tee (201 S. Washington St. Suite 10 )

🍫 Bangin’ Bowls (210 S. Water St.)

🍫 Blu Ashe (120 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Cakey Cakes & Bagels (210 S. Washington St.)

🍫 Collab Salon (220 W. Main St.: Entrance on N. Water St.)

🍫 Community Evangelical Presbyterian Church (114 N. Ball St. )

🍫 Dead Bread (201 S. Washington St. Suite 11)

🍫 Exchange Title (104 W. Main St.)

🍫 Fortune House (212 W. Main St.)

🍫 Foster Coffee Company (115 S. Washington St.)

🍫 Freddie’s Party Store (116 S. Washington St.)

🍫 Gilbert's Hardware & Appliance (113 W. Main St.)

🍫 Home Field Michigan Real Estate Consultants (205 W. Main St.)

🍫 Its’a Bakery Thing (309 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Its’a Deli Thing (202 W. Main St)

🍫 J's Tux & Bridal (104 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Kaizen 113 (113 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Kori Shook & Associates (216 W. Exchange St.)

🍫 Masonic Lodge (301 N. Washington St. Unit 3)

🍫 MiLi’s Boutique (221 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Murtle’s Handmade Chocolates (112 W. Main St.)

🍫 Nail Boutique (112 S. Washington St.)

🍫 Norm Henry Shoes (119 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Oak & Ivory Clothing Co (102 W. Main St.)

🍫 Oliver Paper Co. (113 E. Main St.)

🍫 Owosso Candle Company (213 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Owosso Cookie Company (101 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Owosso Floral & Gifts (211 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Penguin Resale (105 E. Main St.)

🍫 Round Midnight Records (204 W. Main St.)

🍫 Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church (330 N. Washington St.)

🍫 Success Group Mortgage (104 W. Exchange St.)

🍫 Chair + Table Therapeutic Massage (201 S. Washington St. Suite 7)

🍫 The Home Office Realty (209 W. Main St.)

🍫 The Sideline Sports Bar (219 S. Washington St.)

Where to Park

More information coming soon.